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Company Profile

Based in Tokyo, Japan, act2 is a small yet energetic team that’s passionate about letting you know the new design and technologies.

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We’ve always been on the edge of the IT business – offering reliable and friendly technical support, and taking tangible yet challenging marketing approaches.

Company name
act2, Inc.
Head office
1-51-1-5F Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0061 Japan
Date of establishment
December 1, 1990
Main business activities
Software import, Technical support services, Online store management.
Mikiya Kato
Phone number
December 1 to November 30
Net sales
301,000,000 JPY
Based in Tokyo, Japan, act2 was founded in 1990 to introduce great Mac softwares to Japan market. Working closely with the software developers, we've brought great and famous softwares such as StuffIt, TechTool and the Omni Group's product line to Japan market. In the meantime, by offering technical support for these products, we've earned the trust of many Apple users in Japan.

In 2000s, we've introduced "the virtual environments", a new concept on Mac at that time, and made it popular to the Mac users. We formed an alliance with VMware in 2009, also with Parallels since 2013 and we established the place of the virtual environments on the Mac market by our technical support and marketing actions.

Nothing can be said without "mobile" and "security" today. There are lots of new opportunities here. In recent years, we also have exerted ourselves to find new innovative gadgets and security softwares/solutions. Our partners are young and powerful in these new segments, and creating the future.

Apple Japan, LLC.
Amazon Japan K.K.
Ryoyo Electro Corporation
SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp.
SYNNEX Infotec Corporation
SoftBank Corp.
Vector Inc
Agenda Co., Ltd.
Altair Engineering, Inc.
Business Innovation Co., Ltd.
Humming Heads Inc.
Intego SA
Meridrew Enterprises
MicroMat Computer Systems Inc.
MiPow Limited
The Omni Group
Parallels IP Holdings GmbH.
Retrospect, Inc
Sanho Corporation
Smithmicro Software, Inc.
Suntrica Ltd.
VMware, Inc.